Modulus of zuh? What the hell is this?

The short answer: it's the blog that goes hand-in-hand with my RPG imprint, Press Brake Press.

The long answer: in keeping with my rather industrial day-job (I make my $$$ as a tool and die maker), I decided to choose a rather...heavy duty name for my imprint. If you're curious about what a press brake is, check this out. In brief, it's a big honkin' piece of machinery used to bend steel and other materials. That concept is how I approach RPG design -- take a crude idea and through force of will forge it into something...less crude.

So, what's Modulus of Elasticity? It's a unit that represents how stiff a material is. It seemed like a good name for this blog -- because this place is all about overcoming my own creative Modulus of Elasticity.

Wade in, and let the hammer drop.